I have traveled all around the world, capturing amazing moments, people, and places on camera, and through words.


I have worked as a Freelance Journalist in multi-media with Sesame St., as the writer, director, and producer, PBS, and various programs worldwide.


My most enjoyable, beloved art form and self-expression is found within the memoirs and moments, I capture on film and in words.

Join me on this adventure, let's make a moment to remember!


The voice holds so much power and motivation. Sexy, Sultry, Energised, Comforting and more!

Let me help your advertisement sound just right!


What get's you comfortable, excited, motivated to enjoy a good book or podcast? Tone, Timing and Energy are all part of making the perfect story. Let me be the voice behind your story.

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Creative Writing

Have a business but need the right words, perfect jingle, presentable pitch? Let me help you choose the right words.


I have been in the media industry and a trained Hypnotherapist, for a very long time, and know how to get you motivated to access, and acheive your goals.

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